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World Mental Heath Day-Combating Work stress

The World Health Organisation (WHO) marked today to make sure we are all reminded of the reality of being human. And that can, and will, involve periods of difficulty, adversity, hardship, stresses and strains. The focus this year is on stress in the workplace as we spend a significant period of our day, week and […]

Managing Anxiety-You Can Do It!

Feeling anxious? Panicky? Or agitated? If so this article is a must read to help you understand your worry better and manage it differently. Anxiety is a common experience and one you can learn to overcome. For further information contact us at Revive Psychology. 3 Quick Mindfulness Practices to Overcome Worry, Anxiety and Panic

Depression: Don’t let it get you down

As depression rates soar are we becoming less and less happy as a society? And do we have less to be happy about? Or are we just better at recognising the signs and symptoms of depression?   Dispelling myths Let us start with the facts. Depression is a common difficulty for MANY people. So if […]